Walkersville United Methodist Church
Sunday, November 18, 2018

Walkersville United Methodist Church

Music Ministries

Know the Word, Live the Word, Share the Word

Minister of Music: Nancy Mullins
Phone:  301-845-9860

Music Ministry Opportunities
Invitations from Nancy Mullins, Minister of Music

There is a place for you in WUMC’s music program!!! We have choirs and instrumental opportunities for ages 3 and up.
Our rehearsals will begin the week after Labor Day and you are always welcome to be a part of the Music Ministry. 
If you have any questions regarding the various music activities, please contact me at home (301)845-6596 or church (301)845-9860 or e-mail me at music@walkersvilleumc.org.

Please Click Here to view our many different Music Ensembles



In the Event of an Emergency, Please Contact:
Pastor Mike Henning

@ 240-313-8861