Walkersville United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 am til 2:00 pm
Office: 301-845-9860
Fax:  301-845-9863



The Church Office will follow the decision of the FCPS in the event of inclement weather.  If the schools are closed, the Church Office and ALL evening church meetings and activities will be cancelled.  If there is a one- or two-hour school opening delay, the Church Office will open at either 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. 

Please click on the Staff Member's Title to send them an e-mail.


Altar Flowers.  Contact: Kim Slawter 301-304-0181 or Marcia Andrews 301-668-9219.

Altar Guild.  Contact:  Lois Kauffman at 301-845-6690 or Kitty Crum at 301-898-5782.

Bereavement Committee.  Contact:  Nancy Denlinger at 301-695-4740, and Kathy Barrett at 301-606-2119.

Blood Drive.  Contact:  Betty George at 301-682-7255 or Donna Swanson at 301-845-6024.

Caring Committee.  Contact: Ann Thompson at 301-845-2751 or at annnthompson@msn.com.

Event Planning.  Contact the church office 301-845-9860.

Hospitality Committee Contact:  Leslie Baker at 301-606-6418.

Meal Ministry. WUMC meal ministry is available to provide a meal (or a few meals) to members of our church family in need. 

                             Contact Kim Slawter, or call our church office at 301-845-9860 for more information or to volunteer.

Prayer Ministry – Prayer Chain.  Contact:Nancy Duncan at 301-845-2169 or Rita Roberson at 301-845-8246.

Shawl Ministry.  Contact:  Helene Klemanski at 301-845-2572.

Worship Committee. John Grimes at 301-845-2230.

Mens Group.  Contact:  Bill Butler 301-845-9860

Womens Group.  Contact: 301-845-9860.

Website. Contact: John Grimes at webmaster@walkersvilleumc.org.


In the Event of an Emergency, Please Contact:
Pastor Mike Henning

@ 240-313-8861