Walkersville United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Adult Education & Bible Study
All Welcome
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A Lenten Bible study for everyone.
Mutliple classes will be offered.

Sign up sheets and email notices will be posted in December.
Don't miss this one!
“The Soul Shift church Resource Kit is an 8-week church-wide journey that challenges your congregation
to experience seven key shifts – life changes that God’s Spirit will bring in people’s hearts, minds, and
behaviors, from the very youngest to the most mature of disciples.
 Use these tools and watch God shift his family – young and old, in the church and in the home – toward the
deeper, Spirit-driven life that he desires for his people. 


If you are interested in Leading or Co-Leading a Bible Study please contact our Church Office. 301-845-9860.

All Opportunities and support are available at WUMC.

A new schedule of Studies for 2018 will be posted on this page in the near future.

We look forward to learning about the Bible and it's lessons.

See ya in Church.


In the Event of an Emergency, Please Contact:
Pastor Mike Henning

@ 240-313-8861